About Us

EL-Gev Electronics Ltd. is dedicated to the sales of professional, electronic components,

sub-assemblies and systems to the regional industrial, military and aerospace markets.


  •  Highly focused representative in Israel and neighboring countries.
  • Valued contributor to the principal's strategic sales and marketing plan.
  • Very effective with major account penetration program (MAPP) in place.
  • Provides competitor analysis for all lines.
  • Direct mailing of news releases, application notes, technical articles, product data sheets.
  • Advertises regularly in domestic technical journals and magazines.
  • Strategic inventory.


The company provides its principals with:

An aggressive, highly effective approach to marketing and sales.

A highly efficient, computerized infrastructure.U.S. and European affiliates for direct business affairs.

Our staff are fully backed up by:

  •  Highly effective computerized information and order processing system.
  • Well established contacts in purchasing departments.
  • Extensive pre-marketing support, printed media advertising.
  • Participation in exhibitions and professional conferences.
  • Direct mail service based on computerized database.
  • Intensive design in activity.


 I.E.B. – International Electronics Business Inc. (NY/US.A.)


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CONTACT US: 972-(0)74-7190000